Welcome to Gun Dog Signs

We are a group of geeks who shared the same appetite for building computers from scratch. We started out in my garage sourcing various parts and customizing desktops. While this was decades ago, our passion and thirst to satisfy our customers remain the same. Motivated by the appreciation we got, we have branched out into several areas pertaining to technology and IT. We have steadily moved from being in a small one-room office to a large area with a substantial number of employees and tons of happy clients whom we continue to serve.

We have a broad range of products and services enabling us to provide solutions no matter what your requirements. We offer our services to educational institutions, companies- small or medium, hospitals, entrepreneurs and so on. Our expertise is not limited to only what we have done so far. We have an amazing development team that loves to be challenged with new assignments.

Some of our goals are as follows:

  1. We offer a range of services such as Business IT, Home computer sales, Small businesses- IT department set-up. We have catered to healthcare, banking, automotive, real estate, government, computers etc.
  2. Our aim has always been to provide solutions that can blend into your set-up seamlessly. Our technology solutions are always put together after a clear understanding of your needs and requirements.
  3. Before we get to the stage of providing a solution, we can assess your current infrastructure and applications if required. Based on what we find, we can suggest changes or a complete change in the processes. At this point, we will also provide you with a detailed analysis of pro’s, cons and possible expenses.
  4. Our customer service is unparalleled in its commitment to quality and timely completion of the job.
  5. Our set-up is convenient and you can contact us either personally or online. Eitherway, our representatives will be more than willing to walk you through the problem and provide you with your solution.